Bronze Medallion Courses 2018-19

Monday 06 August 2018

Bronze Medallion Course dates have been organised.

The course dates are as follows;


Bronze Course 1: Thursday nights from 27th Sept, and Saturdays from 29th Sept until the assessment on the 10th November = 7 weeks.

Trainers: Peter Metro, Paul Kasparian


Bronze Course 2: Tuesday nights from 23rd Oct, and Saturdays from 27th Oct until the assessment on the 8th December = 7 weeks.

Trainers: Warren Smith, TBA


Bronze Course 3: Thursday nights from 10th Jan, and Sundays from 13th Jan until the assessment on the 23rd Feb = 7 weeks.

Trainers: Tim Jurd, Peter Metro


Please note that these dates are not set in stone. For example, if the group/ trainer would prefer a Wednesday instead of a Tuesday, the day may change.


Please contact Amber Garcia & Leah Byrne ( for more information.




Amber Garcia | Director of Education | Elouera SLSC

80 Mitchell Rd, Cronulla NSW 2230 

T (02) 9523 7295 | M 0412 64 74 76


Bronze Medallion Courses 2018-19