Captain: Peter Green

Overview / Description

Calling all old, new and would be, if they could be Masters competitors.

Come and have a go. The objective this season is to enter as many Masters teams as we can at State and Aussies; as well as any other Master’s Carnival we can all get too. Each team and event we compete in provides much needed points for Elouera SLSC.

You have plenty of time but don’t leave too late as there are a good number of Masters events throughout the season that we will be seeking to support and there will be good, fun training sessions for all whatever your age and level of fitness. The other Bate Bay clubs have good representation and it’s time for us to now join the camaraderie and good fun that is pretty unique in Masters competition where the emphasis is on having a go and doing your best (without injury) rather than elitism – win or lose its about having a go for yourself and our Club.

So, we are now looking for any Active members 30 years and older who would like to start training and competing for the club in team and individual events. The sports committee have arranged regular combined training sessions with the cadet and open competitors if you are serious or alternatively you may wish to do your own training (as a group or individual), either way please let me know. If you are unsure and want some coaching or just want to join in with a group of likeminded people, then again, please let me know and I will do my best to link you in with them.

Events support all age groups so there no excuse not to have a go and also bring your club mates into the fun. Its more about the enjoyment and participation than individual excellence…. ( …not that we don’t want to do well.)

Individual & team events include (ladies, gents & mixed teams):

Beach :

  • 2km Beach run for those 59 years or younger.
  • 1km Beach run for those 60 years and over.
  • Individual: Flags
  • Individual: Sprints
  • Team: Beach sprint relay (x 4 in team) – 140 yrs/170 yrs / 200 yrs and a mixed team (ladies & gents) 230 yrs
  • March past team


  • Individual: Ski & board & swim
  • Team: Mixed double ski. Male & female ski
  • Team: Ski relay (x3 in team): 110 yrs/130 yrs/150 yrs & mixed 170 yrs
  • Team: Board relay (x3 in team): 110 yrs/130 yrs/150 yrs & mixed 170 yrs
  • Team Board rescue (x2 in a team): 110 yrs/130 yrs/150 yrs & mixed 170 yrs
  • Surf team (x3 in team): 110 yrs/130 yrs/150 yrs & mixed 170 yrs
  • Taplin: (x3 in team): 110 yrs/130 yrs/150 yrs & mixed 170 yrs
  • Boats (please see boaties section)

Look out for information throughout the season on the noticeboard outside the office and on the Elouera club website.

Peter Green – Masters Captain - Contact Office 9523 7295 or if you want to join in our Elouera Goldies Messenger & WhatsApp groups where we have regular and fun training sessions text or call me on 0401 145 477